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What Changes Will Driverless Cars Bring?
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The Jetsons

Driverless Cars Will Change More Than We Think              

The Jetsons cartoon was probably the first time that many people over 40 ever saw the idea of driverless cars on TV. For others they appeared in Star Wars and Star Trek. The idea of driverless cars seems straightforward in the shows. The technology removes the mundane task of driving the car from our day to day lives. In realty, they will change much more.

Some of the changes are obvious. Some are not.

  •         Accident rates, personal injury and death will plummet. Although self driving cars were in a couple of accidents lately, they have racked up millions of kilometres on the road now and are already proven much safer than human driven cars.
  •          Car ownership will likely plummet as the cars will become ‘pool cars’ dispatched as we need them in minutes. Urban areas will obviously benefit from this far more than rural areas where waiting time for cars may be too high. In any case the number of cars owned per family will drop significantly.
  •          Home design will change as garages for every home will not be required.
  •          There will be shift in urban design. Currently everything is designed around car movement and storage. With technology driven cars the roads can be narrower, parking lots won’t be required for every building, pedestrian crossings will be much safer.
  •          There will be more independent living for the elderly and disabled. Currently transportation is a limiting factor for people. If you can’t drive it is difficult to live alone. Driverless cars will change that.
  •          Organ donations will drop significantly as most donors are accident victims. This will force government to reconsider the policy around organ donation.
  •          Pollution rates and gas consumption should decrease as cars switch to electric, and fewer cars are manufactured and shipped around the world.



Posted on Monday, May 14, 2018 - 06:50:00 AM EST
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