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Franchising at Ctrl V

Franchising at Ctrl V

Ctrl V is actively looking for franchisees in a variety of markets while focusing on Canada and the United States. We are seeking qualified individuals with business experience & acumen and an avid interest in emerging and advancing technology. Franchising provides the franchisee with an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and a business owner without having to navigate the trials and tribulations of starting an initiative from scratch. We’ve made all of the mistakes for you so that you can simply get up and running and start building a future of security and excitement.

Ctrl V was North America’s first virtual reality arcade and is currently the largest virtual reality arcade chain in the world. Ctrl V is an international brand with partnerships that span every required component of the franchise infrastructure to ensure a business model that breeds longevity and creates a runway for growth.

Ctrl V has developed one of the most refined and sophisticated franchise infrastructures in the VR industry. With full-time technical support, coupled with a marketing team full of professionals, designers, and assets, and an operations team that provides weekly follow-up and mentorship as well as regular field audits, we’ve nailed the model and the process. All we need is you – driven and motivated entrepreneurs.

What’s stopping you? Contact us and let’s have a chat.

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