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Our Story

Ryan Brooks, CEO, presented the idea to his long-time friend Robert Bruski, CFO, and his cousin James Elligson, COO, of a virtual reality gaming hub and development centre. The idea was based on the compelling nature of virtual reality and the approaching need for such a technology across many different industries. The project was timed to coincide with the launch of the new and unique virtual reality hardware that was set to be released early 2016.

Ryan, being a local school teacher with a focus on math & physics, brought an aspect of creation, design, and ingenuity to the team. Robert, a value investment professional from the finance industry in Toronto, brought business acumen that helped drive the commercialization of the idea. And to round off the trio, James, a gemologist, customer service, and operations wizard ensured that the process would run smoothly.

With a plan to roll out in time for summer 2016, Ctrl V Inc. incorporated in February. The trio took over an old Blackberry building next door to the University of Waterloo and part of WIN (Waterloo Innovation Network) and transformed it into a futuristic dreamscape straight out of Tron, with blue lights and VR stations outfitted with top-of-the-line VR equipment. The rest is history.

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