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Employer Profile - A Now Media Inc Website, Kitchener, ON
KW Now - Online Community Hub

22 King St., South,
Waterloo, ON     N2J 1N8

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Employer Information:

KwNow is an online news and business information gateway. We specialize in strategic hyper-local online marketing solutions.

KwNow provides cutting edge functionality, and a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to assist businesses desiring to dig down deep in their local market.

We also offer a platform for non-profits and service clubs to interact with the community in which they serve at NO COST.

Our true local paper-free news media format is free to the end user and provides a local audience to companies wanting a cost-effective online presence..

KwNow can help you create, optimize and position your business information to better serve your existing customers as well as help you attract new customers.

If you have a business and are hoping to connect with your community on a multitude of levels, talk to us.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Contact Information:

Phone: (519) 223-3553
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Job Listings:

Journalism Interns

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