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Kitchener Rangers Get Stiff Competition From Visiting Cambridge Ice Hounds

Hockey At Its BEST - Special Hockey Benefit Game 2019

Published 01/27/2019 | By Kw Now Local news

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Cambridge Ice Hounds Give Rangers Stiff Competition
Ice Hounds Give Rangers Stiff Competition

Cambridge Ice Hounds VS The Kitchener Rangers Benefit Game

DAVE FM's Darryl Law And Police Chief Larkin Officiate - Fun Was Had By All

The Kitchener Rangers held the 12th Annual Special Hockey Benefit game on January 23rd, 2019 with the Cambridge Ice Hounds. The Kitchener Rangers played 3 games against the Hounds, which were officiated by Darryl Law and Chief Larkin. The Rangers would like to thank the fans who helped raise $1,274 towards the Cambridge Ice Hounds hockey program, as well as all the volunteers involved in making this event a success.

About The Cambridge Ice Hounds

Hockey is a pastime that many Canadians take for granted. It is generally accepted that, if you’re able to skate, there’s opportunity to play ‘Canada’s Game’. This reality is true to a point. Until, as a player, you start to discover that teams with other players of the same age, just don’t quite feel the same anymore and the enjoyment of a game you once loved begins to fade.

This is where the Cambridge Ice Hounds come in. We're a hockey program developed for players with special needs which prevent them from participating in traditional hockey programs.

Over the past 10 years, more than 100 children and adults with special needs in Waterloo Region have called themselves “Hounds”. Annually, more than 60 players take to the ice from September through April.

Playing The BIG Game For FUN

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