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Video Name: Aveda - Know What We’re Made Of
Categories: Business, Environment / Conservation, Personal Care & Beauty, Pets, Shopping
By: Romeo Salon & Spa - Aveda Salon
Tags: 100% wind power, Aveda, Cruelty Free, natural ingredients
Description: Our products contain naturally-derived ingredients. We are cruelty-free—we don’t test our products o...
Video Name: Aveda Sourcing Story: Ayurvedic Roots of Turmeric and Amla
Categories: Business, Environment / Conservation, Health / Medical, News, Personal Care & Beauty
By: Romeo Salon & Spa - Aveda Salon
Tags: Aveda, Ayurveda, ginseng, healing, herbs, Romeo...
Description: Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom fused with 21st century technology. We consulted with specialists in Ayur...
Displaying : 1 - 2 of 2

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