How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer


Picking the right personal injury lawyer can be a challenge.  You want someone tenacious, smart, and that you are going to get along with. You want someone whose advice you trust. Your relationship can extend over the period of years, so you’ll want to be prepared at the outset for it.

Ask your healthcare providers who they have had experience with.  You can ask your own real estate, or personal lawyer for her recommendations.  Ask friends and family about lawyers they they’ve had, but make sure you ask more than how likeable they are, or how chatty they were.  You’ll want to pick a lawyer with a proven track record. You’ll need someone who has represented a wide range of clients and has won many of their cases. You’ll be relying on their professional judgement and their skill to get you the settlement you deserve.

Once you have your list of potential personal injury lawyers do your research. Read their websites, call their offices and ask whether they have experience with your kind of case? What do they charge for initial consultation? What are their fees upon settlement of the case? Will they provide you with a contract outlining exactly what service they will provide for what fee ?

Now that you have armed yourself with information you can contact the attorneys on your short list  and book your initial consultation. Take a trusted family member or friend with you. Remember to bring all the information and documents which relate to your case along to the interview. You want to be prepared to discuss the relevant details. Be honest and answer all the lawyer’s questions. The lawyer cannot adequately represent you if he can’t develop a clear and concise argument.

Before you make your final selection, remember that a good lawyer should advise you about how to proceed with your case in terms you understand.    Your lawyer is working for you.

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