Inspirational Outcomes


I had a chance to sit back the other day and think about how far we’ve come on the journey to helping those with traumatic injuries. 

I think it all started last week when I read about two Indonesian sisters who had been born with twisted limbs and are thought to be inhabited with evil spirits in Indonesia. They have gone on in their lives to sew beautiful Barbie clothes which they now sell at market and they feed their family with the income.  They are no longer hidden in their homes, but participate in their community.

That was quickly followed by an article that I saw this week which discussed the 3-D printing of custom fairings for prosthetic limbs. They allow the wearers to show beauty and creativity.  The limbs reflect their users personalities and tastes. It is incredible.  These fairings exude pride. They come at the cost of $4000-$5000.

Then I came upon the story  of the paraplegic woman who walked the entire length of the London Marathon. It took her 17 days walking with a ‘robotic’ suit.  She had lost her mobility after injuring her spinal cord in a horseback riding accident.  Her device cost $69,000. With it she finished the marathon, raised $152,000 for Spinal Research and was awarded 12 medals from some of the other marathoners. She is nothing short of an inspiration.

People sometimes ask me why I do what I do. This is why. I can’t begin to describe the satisfaction I get when I am able to get settlements for my injured clients that allow them to move forward with their new lives.  You can read some of our client testimonials and understand what brings me to work every day.



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