Rapid Decline in MS Symptoms Connected to Car Accident


Kump and Economical Mutual Insurance 

Heard Before: Robert A. Kominar

Date of Decision: May 14, 2012 


Daniel Kump, was injured in a motor vehicle accident on December 22, 2006. He applied for and received statutory accident benefits from Economical Mutual Insurance Company, payable under the Schedule. Economical denied rehabilitation benefits for vehicle conversion. The parties were unable to resolve their disputes through mediation, and Mr. Kump applied for arbitration at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. 

The issues in this hearing are: 

  1. Is Mr. Kump entitled to a rehabilitation benefit in the amount of $41,761.45 for purchase of and modifications to a vehicle able to accommodate his disabilities arising out of this accident? 


  1. Mr. Kump is entitled to the rehabilitation benefits requested.

You can read the entire decision here.


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