Concussions - February 2013


Canadians suffer from a very high rate of concussion nationally. Part of the reason is that we are in love with high risk sports such as Hockey, ringetter, football, skiing, snowmobiling, cycling and skating. Other causes of concussion are car accidents and slip and fall accidents. Here are some quick facts about concussion:

  • The first concussion you get is the quickest one to recover from. Every subsequent concussion is more traumatic to the brain and has a longer recovery period
  • You don't need to suffer a blow to the head to get a concussion. Anything that causes your brain to 'jiggle' in your head can do it. Whiplash is a good example.
  • There is no diagnostic imaging test that can confirm a concussion. It is diagnosed by cognitive testing.
  • Professional athletes in high risk sports like football, hockey, and boxing are more likely to suffer chronic traumatic encephalopathy after a career of concussions. Their brains actually have regions that die.
  • Repeated concussion can cause serious depression and other mood disorders.

You can listen to a podcast talking about concussion causes and treatment here.

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