How art is helping a TBI survivor recover her life


I came across this wonderful story of recovery, both physical and emotional. Eliette Markhbein was "WHACK'ed" as she calls it when a red light runner hit her on her bicycle. Her life changed permanently.  After relearning to walk she began to paint as therapy, and now as a tool to awareness and education. Her exhibit called "WHACK'ed" features legendary TBI survivors and travels America sponsored in part by the Brain Injury Association of America.

CNN did a great feature on Eliette and her exhibit. You can read it here. I liked her comment that:

TBI is an invisible and life long illness that disrupts the metabolic, social and psychological equilibrium of an individual. The key to regaining control is education about the illness, and long-term rehabilitation of the injured brain. It is not easy as my personal account show. But with patience and determination and the right person to guide you, it is achievable.



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