Bike Rodeos – Great Way to Learn Bike Safety


Now that bike season is firmly on us bike rodeos aren’t far off. They are a long standing tradition in most communities, usually hosted by service groups with the help of police. I think we all remember going to a rodeo as a kid, learning a bit of cycling safety, laughing with friends, and if we were lucky sharing a treat.

You can help your kids become safe riders by teaching the rules at home, and encouraging them to go to the local rodeo. They’ll have a great time, and odds are, they will listen a little harder when a Police Officer tells them what to do.

Before you set your kids loose on their bikes for the season take a minute to:

  • Check their helmets fit. The strap should be snug, and there shouldn’t be more than two fingers between their eyebrows and the front of the helmet.
  • Check the brakes work.
  • Check the seat height.
  • Consider recording the bike serial number.
  • Review hand signals for turns.
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