Motorcycles In Ontario


Now that the weather is finally warming up we are seeing a lot of motorcycles on the road. Bikes can pose special safety considerations for both car drivers and the bikers. Regardless of who is to blame in car/motorcycle accidents it's almost always the biker who ends up worse off.

Most bikers aren't the young male speed demons that might imagine. Motorcycle sales in Canada quadrupled between 1996-2006 and the average age of bikers is 46. The rider profiles show that they are predominantly college-educated family men. The large majority of them have completed the Gearing Up program for rider safety and skill.

Emphasis in the training courses is placed on rider safety and defensive riding. Key tips for bikers include:

  • Car drivers often have a hard time seeing bikers
  • Bikers should have reflective strips/decals on clothes and bikes.
  • Bikers should be cautious of blind spots for cars/trucks and should use their lights and horns to warn drivers of their presence.
  • Helmets are mandatory, leathers are strongly advised.
  • Bright clothes and helmets are more visible to car drivers.
  • Remember the only thing between you and the pavement is your clothes. Choose long sleeves and long pants with tall boots and gloves. They will protect your skin in a fall.
  • Drive safely - no weaving, no speeding, no drinking.


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