Graduated Drivers Licences in Ontario


Most of us passed our driver test a while ago, and many of us did far before the Province of Ontario began graduated licensing. The graduated licence program is intended to reduce the risk of accident and injury. Statistically new drivers aged 16-24 are the most likely to be in accidents. Many of the accidents are due directly to inexperience and inappropriate risk taking behaviours.

To obtain a G1 licence in Ontario a person must be at least 16 and must pass a written knowledge test. Upon successful completion of the test a person with a G1 may:

  • Drive with a fully licenced passenger in the front seat. That passenger must have a minimum of 4 years driving experience, and with a blood alcohol level of <.05
  • Must maintain a ZERO blood alcohol limit.
  • May not drive on any 400 series highways, or listed expressways, with speed limits greater than 80 km/h.
  • May not drive between midnight and 5 A.M.
  • May only drive G class vehicles.

Upon completing between 8 - 12 months of G1 a practical test can be taken. If successful the driver advances to the G2 level. At that point the driver may:

  • Must have ZERO blood alcohol.
  • G2 drivers under the age of 19, and for 6 months must observe limits on the number of passengers and the time of day of their transport.

After a minimum of 1 year at the G2 level the driver may take another practical test to advance to a full G licence.

New drivers in Ontario are advised to take a drivers education course with a registered school. Passing such a course allows drivers to have their insurance rates reduced, and also shortens the period of time that they must remain at the G1 level.

There are additional restrictions on blood alcohol levels and increased penalties for driving infractions during the G1 and G2 periods as well. You can learn more by visiting the Province of Ontario's website.


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