Most Alcohol Related Crashes Happen in Summer


The OPP have ratcheted up their RIDE programs by looking for impaired drivers on weekend afternoons. Police province wide have known for a long time that the summer months have far more alcohol related crashes than the high profile Christmas holiday season.

According to the OPP there is a RIDE program set up somewhere at any given time in Ontario making impaired driving enforcement truly 24/7. The push to look for drunk drivers on warm sunny afternoons is simply an evolution of the RIDE program. As the summer sun shines and temperatures rise, so does the temptation to stop at a bar or friend's house for a quick drink or two.

How many drinks can you have and safely drive? Const. Aaron McPhail of Chatham-Kent OPP says "Some people ask how many drinks can I drink and still drive and we're saying is if you drink, don't drive at all." If you know you are going to stop for a few drinks make certain you have a designated driver and be safe on the road.


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