Police Reported Crime Decreased in 2012


There was good news on the policing front in Canada last week. Statistics Canada released its 2012 figures on Police reported crime statistics and the numbers continue their downward trend. There were decreases in all kinds of crime, and the rate is the lowest that it has been since 1972.

The rate of serious crime (CSI) is measured on a points system. Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge fared well, with a crime severity index of 58.53 which is among the lowest for metropolitan areas in Canada. The highest value was for Regina at 116. Toronto’s rate of crime was 52.13.

Most violent crime rates including homicides have fallen, however extortion, firearms offenses, and sexual violence against children rose.

This is good news for Canada and it didn’t receive the press coverage that it should have. We live in a great country where rule of law is well respected generally, and where we can live safely.


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