New Treatment for Concussion in Youth - ImPACT


The Days of advice like "go home and sleep it off" from medical professionals to young victims of concussion may well be numbered in Ontario. A group is bringing American concussion management techniques to Guelph. They hope to modernize the way concussion is treated.

ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment) is a computerized system for establishing baseline 'normal' for young athletes. It has been used in minor hockey throughout Ontario to assess a player's cognitive function before any injury is sustained. Doctors from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre realized that the tests weren't being appropriately used in Ontario primarily due to a lack of education.

They hope to better educate doctors and coaches into the proper use of the ImPACT system. They are also advocating some changes to the post-concussion treatment regime that is now being advised in Ontario. ImPACT Applications has named Shift Concussion Management in Guelph as an Ontario Center of Excellence for concussion treatment.  According to the most recent press release,

ImPACT and Shift are working together to reinforce leading clinicians’ consensus that the ideal concussion management protocol integrates multifactor assessments including neurocognitive, balance, ocular and symptom evaluations.

Shift works closely with stopconcussions, a concussion awareness organization founded by former Philadelphia Flyers captain, Keith Primeau and former European hockey player, Kerry Goulet to educate the public on the importance of proper recognition and management of head injuries.

Their services are partially covered by OHIP, but primarily paid for privately or through extended health insurance.


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