Rear End Collisions


Rear end collisions are the most common car accident, and according to the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration they make up one-third of all motor vehicle crashes. The car being struck is usually moving very slowly, or is already stopped. The most typical injury from a rear end collision is neck pain from whiplash suffered by the driver and passengers in the lead car. The pain is often immediate but is more intense in the following days. The pain is often debilitating in the short term, and is often centred on soft tissue damage.

Here are some facts about rear end collisions collected by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute:

  • They generally involve slow moving or stopped lead cars (81% were stopped completely)
  • In almost half of the accidents the following driver failed to react appropriately by breaking or steering
  • 90% involved driver distraction
  • Most accidents occurred on straight level roads, on clear days in the day time.

If you are in a rear end accident then be sure to seek medical attention to determine the extent of whiplash or other injuries and consider seeking legal counsel.


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