Stem Cells May Help Repair TBI


Researchers at the University of South Florida have begun to experiment with implanting stem cells directly into the brains of rats with TBI. They then examined the host brain tissue of the rats over time.

At the three month post TBI mark the brains of the rats showed massive cellular proliferation and cell differentiation. They also found a solid streams of stem cells migrating from the brain's uninjured areas to the areas of injury creating a 'biobridge'.

“The transplanted stem cells serve as migratory cues for the brain’s own neurogenic cells, guiding the exodus of these newly formed host cells from their neurogenic niche towards the injured brain tissue,” said principal investigator Cesar Borlongan, PhD, professor and director of the USF Center for Aging and Brain Repair.

The future of this research may provide some therapies for humans with TBI.


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