Bad News for Cyclists, Pedestrians, and Buggies in 2012


The Region of Waterloo released its statistics for crashes in 2012 and the news generally was good. The overall number of collisions was at its lowest since 2009 with fewer fatalities and injuries to people. Unfortunately the number of crashes that involved pedestrians, horse and buggies, and cyclists increased. Driving too fast and distraction are leading causes of crashes.

The most dangerous intersections in the Region are

  • Ottawa Street and Homer Watson Blvd in Kitchener which saw 209 crashes in 5 years
  • King Street and Fountain Street in Cambridge with 115
  • King Street and University Ave in Waterloo

The Region also reported that in the 16 roundabouts in the Waterloo Region 10 saw fewer collisions than expected. Officials are confident that accident rates in roundabouts will decrease as drivers become more familiar with their use. The primary cause of crashes in roundabouts is a failure to yield.

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