Slip and Fall Accidents


Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of hospitalization and concussion in Canada.  They can happen at home, in public places and in the work place. Most falls and slips happen on the same level as a result of slipping or tripping, sometimes people can fall down stairs as well. Snow, rain, oily surfaces and loose/unanchored rugs or mats can all contribute to falls.

At this time of year the ice and snow outside are dangerous, and often the tracked in water and snow make front hallways slippery too. We all have fallen in the snow and most of us are fortunate not to injure ourselves, but what can we do to help prevent it from happing in the first place?

  1. Keep your driveway, sidewalk and front steps clear of snow and ice. Shovel regularly and apply salt and sand to improve traction.
  2. Wear appropriate footwear and walk cautiously after any new snow.
  3. Avoid crossing icy areas.
  4. Keep tiled floors and front hallways/entrance areas dry. Regularly replace wet rugs and front entrance mats to reduce moisture from coning into the building.
  5. Make certain to secure rugs to the floor with tape.
  6. Never leave cables running across floors or walkways without taping them down.
  7. Provide handrails for all stairways.

As an owner of a property you may be held liable for accidents on your premises. If someone does fall and injures themselves be sure to assess whether they need first aid or an ambulance. You may wish to note the time of day, conditions of the surface and take pictures of the area if appropriate in order to help with any investigation of the accident.

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