Look Out for Emergency Vehicles at the Side of the Road


It seems that we are becoming worse drivers as a whole. There are so many distractions and we are in such a hurry that too many of us aren not driving to the conditions on the roads in bad weather.

The OPP and police services throughout southern Ontario have been appealing to the public to slow down on the roads and to pay attention after numerous emergency vehicles have been struck from behind while at the side of the road helping people. The number of winter driving accidents attributed to driving too fast is also of great concern province wide.

I am seeing the unfortunate results of some of these accidents in my office and I can only say that we as a whole need to slow down. As a reminder here are some steps to take when the weather is bad and you are driving:

  • If the police ask people to stay off the roads they mean everyone, including you, should refrain from driving.
  • When roads are closed don't drive around the barrier thinking you can get through.
  • Slow down on the highways when they are slick and snow covered. Your stopping distance is not the same and on ice any change in speed or steering can easily put you into oncoming traffic, another car, or the ditch.
  • Get snow tires.
  • Clear your car off completely so you can see, and so you aren't blinding the people behind you with your snow blow off.
  • In white out conditions run with all of your interior and exterior lights on to help make you more visible.
  • Look out for emergency vehicles at the side of the road. Slow down and change lanes to give them extra space if possible. If not then be aware of them.


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