The Cost of Driving Drunk is Very High


Driving drunk carries many risks. The first and most obvious risk is getting caught and being charged with impaired driving. The province will prosecute you, and upon conviction you'll pay heavy fines. Your licence will be suspended, your car impounded and you may face time in jail for your offence. Your insurance company will also penalize you with premiums that frankly are unaffordable for most people. Of course these are the least serious consequences.

If you are involved in a car accident while drunk and injure or kill someone you will face the consequences listed above and then some. Further police charges may include vehicular manslaughter, and you may face longer jail terms. Your insurance company may well deny many of the coverages leaving you to liquidate your assests in order to pay for damages you caused.

Just a couple of drinks can impair your judgement. As the days grow longer and warmer consider what can happen if you have them.


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