Prom Night


Prom Night is an exciting time for kids. They are closing the door to childhood and entering adulthood. Leaving high school to move on with their lives. They are getting ready to spread their wings. It is a time for celebration, but sadly for some it is also the end.

April and May see a 30% rise in accident rates for teens and this is strongly connected to prom night drinking and getting high. A recent survey showed that 53% of students drank more than 4 drinks on prom night in the US and I suspect a similar number in Canada is reasonable.

The statistics are terrible and the consequences can be tragic. Some American high schools have begun to stage fake car accidents in the school parking lots the day before prom to show kids how serious things can be. Please talk to your kids about drinking and driving and give them safe, no consequence alternatives. Cab fare, your assurance that you will pick them up, whatever gets them home safely.

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