Ontario Needs Auto Insurance Reforms


The 2010 reforms to car insurance in Ontario placed most accident victims into a claims category that limits them to $3500 maximum in rehabilitation benefits. I don’t' think that most drivers understand this limit until they have an accident, however minor, and begin making claims. $3500 does not go far when you consider the costs of rehabilitation service. While this limit was initially intended to cap fees for simple injuries such as whiplash, insurance companies began to place more serious injuries into the category resulting in thousands of denied claims each year.

The total claim limit on serious injuries was cut by half to $50,000. Income replacement benefits have not been increased since 1996, while attendant care benefits were also cut in half.  A recent analysis was done by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association which concluded that insurance companies pay more for experts to assess claims than for treatment of the victims.

In short, the system has become terrible for anyone injured in a car accident. Talk to your political candidates and let them hear your call for car insurance reform in Ontario.

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