Motorcycle and Off Road Vehicle Accident spike is of Concern


Serious motorcycle and ORV crashes this spring with several fatalities have prompted the OPP to issue warnings about riding safely.

Off road Vehicle (ORV) drivers are being urged to wear a helmet and to drive sober. A lack of helmet use and alcohol use are contributing to the 4 year spike in ORV deaths. Being properly insured in the event of an accident is also a concern. Any ORV being ridden off the owner's property requires insurance.

Motorcycles are "more vulnerable than other road users because they are tougher to see than other vehicles and they provide virtually no protection in the event of a crash" according to the OPP.  Regardless of who is to blame in a motorcycle / car collision it is always the motorcycle rider that will end up more seriously injured.

The OPP are warning all drivers and riders to rie safely, to keep a keen eye on their surroundings and to watch for all vehicles on the road. Drive safely, drive sober, don't get distracted on the roads and trails.

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