Dash Cam Popularity Grows


Dash cams are small digital cameras that mount on the windshield of your car. They can be set to record constantly, or they can be set to turn on only when there is a sudden deceleration. They record high quality video at a 130’ angle, and can now be bought for as little as $100. Better quality ones cost about $300. Some record the GPS data and vehicle speed as well.

They have gained popularity for use as evidence in accidents, and for surveillance when police pull you over. The data is now also being used to help dispute speeding tickets, or careless driving charges. Insurance companies have begun to consider their footage as evidence as well.

Some people are also using them to record the sights and sounds of their holiday drives.  As their price drops you may wish to consider purchasing one for your use. For better or worse they can be an extra set of eyes and evidence on the road.



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