Gen X Drivers Are Biggest Distracted Driving Culprits


Allstate Insurance released a summary of a recent survey indicating that Gen X drivers (those born between  1965-1980) are the most likely to admit to distract driving. A staggering 95% admit to driving while doing something distracting. The most common distractions are:

  • 77% eat or drink
  • 63% adjust their radio/iPod/MP3 player
  • 51% look at passengers when talking to them
  • 45% play music too loudly in the car
  • 35 % admit to texting, emailing or taking pictures while driving
  • 29% take clothes off and on while driving

Driving is an extremely complex and taxing mental activity that requires full attention. Distraction is the number one cause of car accidents in Canada. We need to set appropriate examples for younger drivers, and we need to help keep ourselves and others safe.

Please consider making driving your number one priority in the car.


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