Wheelchair Bound Canadians Continue to Face Barriers to Access


Sarah Trick, an intern with Global news in Ottawa, has Cerebral Palsy and has documented the challenges she is facing covering the news of Parliament Hill from here wheelchair. Her experiences are both enlightening and a bit disheartening. We have come so far in many ways to make our public spaces accessible to people with mobility issues, yet it seems in many ways we may not have hit the mark.

MP Steven Fletcher, quadriplegic has brought about many of the changes that have made parliament more accessible to all Canadians. He is excited to point ou t the sweeping renovations in the parliamentary precinct at the moment which are including 'universal design in the buildings'. The designs exceed the minimum standards set out in the building code. It's his hope that all buildings in Canada will be made to accessible for all Canadians.

We see the challenges faced by local citizens every day here in the Region. Municipalities have begun to design everything from sidewalks with ridges for visually impaired people who walk with canes, to retrofitting access points to accommodate wheelchairs. We have come a long way, but have still got a long way to go.

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