Locking Bikes in Public Places


A recent case in Toronto in which a large property management company was cutting bike locks and taking possession of bikes of people parked outside their building on public property, highlighted many problems that exist in our new urban reality. As we see an increased number of people riding their bikes to work and shop, we should be seeing an increased number of safe bike racks for them to use. Kitchener has made a good effort downtown, but sadly, that hasn't happened everywhere.

Cyclists are forced to lock their bikes to lamp posts, and other sign posts, inconveniencing themselves and pedestrians. These sites are often not secure or well lit. Some residential buildings even have bikes locked in their front hallways, or in the stairwells.

It is time that planners begin to place regularly spaced bike racks and all season bike shelters in urban areas, which accommodate a variety of bikes, and which allow cyclists to have a secure, and dry place to store their bikes. Like parking structures for cars, bike buildings are common in other parts of the world.


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