Concussion Recovery is Hard to Predict


Thousands of people in Canada suffer concussions or mild TBIs every year in Canada. They come from falls, playing sports, and car accidents. Some people recover fully from these concussions while others suffer lingering symptoms for weeks, months or even years. The medical community is not able to predict recovery rates at this time, nor predict who will suffer symptoms longer.

5-15% of people who suffer a TBI will suffer symptoms of behavioral, physical or cognitive impairment for 3-6 months after their injury according to a new study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma.  These symptoms can take the form of ongoing headaches through to memory troubles and emotional problems.

Car accidents are a leading cause of concussion in Canada. Given the nature of concussion and the fact that the recovery from them is uncertain it is best to be clear with the insurance companies and your medical professionals if you suffer one in a car accident.

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