Adults over 55 with Traumatic Brain Injury Have an Increased Risk of Dementia


According to the Centers for Disease Control 60% of all hospitalizations in the US as a result of TBI occur in people aged 55 or older. The highest rate of TBI emergency room visits, stays and deaths are in people over the age of 75.

Evidence is now showing that those over 55 who suffer a moderate to severe TBI are more likely to have dementia. We can assume similar numbers in Canada. An extensive study done using veterans showed that those who had a TBI had a 60% higher risk of developing dementia.

The costs to families and the healthcare system of treating and caring for victims of TBI is high, and as the population ages the costs will continue to increase. Given the high rate of TBI and its consequences more effort needs to be invested in prevention of the slips and falls that cause the majority of the TBI in adults, and to understanding the relationship between the injury and the development of dementia.


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