'Tis RIDE Season


Last weekend I was stopped at a rural RIDE point. The officers had stopped all traffic in both directions on the road and were well marked. The encounter was cheerful and courteous in our case. It reminded me to talk to the novice drivers in my house, again, about what to expect when interacting with the police in Ontario.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of being stopped at a RIDE it is very straight forward. The police will:

  1. Flag you to a stop.
  2. Upon rolling down your window they approach the vehicle and do a survey of the driver and presumably the interior of the car looking for evidence of alcohol or drug consumption. 
  3. They will ask you whether you have been drinking.
  4. DO NOT LIE to the police. If you had a drink say so.  They may at that point ask you to pull over and administer a road side breathalyser test. If you are under the legal limit of .05% you will be thanked and released. If not then you will face the appropriate consequences of road side suspension or arrest.
  5. If you have not been drinking and the police have no reason to believe you are lying then they will release you on your way.

Please look out for RIDE stops and make certain you are driving at the appropriate speed to stop safely keeping our officers safe on the roads.