Organ Donation Saves Lives


Ontario set a new organ donation record last year. The numbers are rather sad however. Trillium gift of Life, the agency responsible for organ and tissue donation said that over 1000 lives were saved last year from 265 donors.

It is somewhat shocking to think that only 265 donors were found out of the Statistics Canada estimated 96,000 deaths. It is important to consider that many people who die are not eligible to donate organs due to underlying health issues, age, or nature of death, but a large number of people either don't think of it, don't want to donate their organs, or have their final wishes over ruled by family. One donor can benefit more than 75 people, and save up to 8 lives.

Please sign your donor card, and make your siwhes clear to your family that you want to be an organ donor. There are 1500 people in Ontario currently waiting for an organ transplant.


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