Tragedy strikes as disabled man found frozen next to wheelchair


It seems courteous and only makes sense to me. When you take anyone home you help them to their front door if they need it, or you wait in your car in the laneway until they get in the front door of their home to safety. This is particularly true for the elderly, disabled, young people, drunk or sober. It's even more important on cold winter nights.

This weekend’s news from Toronto featured a tragic case that found a 29 year old disabled man dead on the ground next to his wheelchair in front of his home. A cab had dropped him off the night before when the temperatures were frigid in the low -20’s. We don’t know all the details of the case, whether the man had gone into his house only to leave again and fall out of his wheel chair, or whether he fell out before ever reaching his home.

Please be sure that you keep your friends or passengers safe. Waiting for them to get into the house, or helping them in only takes a few seconds of your tie and you could be saving a life.

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