Autonomous Cars Could Lead to Less Traffic, Fewer Accidents


We can bury our heads in the sand, but that won't stop the arrival of self-driving, or autonomous cars from coming. These cars which are already on the road in 'test' mode come with the promise of reducing car accidents rates and severity, reducing car insurance rates, reducing traffic congestion, and liberating us from driving, are predicted to reach the North American highways in 2017. Those will not be fully autonomous, but predictions are that by 2025 we will have full self-driving cars on the roads.

According to new studies one rather unexpected benefit will be that we will need fewer cars as the cars could drive themselves to and from where we are to pick up and drop off family members all day long as needed. This will also reduce the need for parking spots and tow car garage homes. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute report predicts that car ownership will decrease to 1.2 cars per household from the current average of 2.

I am eager to see which of the predictions will come true, and whether people are actually ready to pay more for these cars in order to give up driving. Any improvements to personal injury rates will be welcome.



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