New Carbon Monoxide Law comes into effect April 15, 2015


April 15 will mark the beginning of the Province of Ontario’s new CO law. Every year we hear about people becoming sick or even dying in their homes due to CO poisoning. The new law requires that you properly install a CO alarm in your home. They work like smoke detectors actively checking the air for the concentration of CO. Unlike smoke detectors they don’t go off when dinner is ready.

The legislation requires the installation of a CO alarm outside the bedrooms of all homes with at least one fuel burning device (like a furnace, gas stove, gas fireplace, propane fridge). One per floor of the house is considered best.

Here is a list of what you should and shouldn’t do.

  • Do have working CO alarms outside all bedrooms and sleeping areas
  • Do have your gas burning appliances regularly and professionally maintained annually
  • Do assume that each alarm is real. Evacuate the house and call the fire department.
  • Do have a battery operated CO alarm as well as the hard wired one.
  • Don’t put the monitor in the furnace room. You need to hear them when they sound
  • Don’t ignore flue like symptoms that only occur at home

You should also maintain your car’s exhaust symptoms regularly as you can get CO leakage from the exhaust into the interior of the car.

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