Myths About TBI


Traumatic Brain Injury is a common form of injury in car and bike accidents and in slips and falls.  They can be obvious or they can be subtle. They are all serious though and any head blow with symptoms should be attended to by medical professionals.

There are many myths about TBI that stop people from seeking help in a timely manner. Here are some of them. These statements are all FALSE.

  1. You cannot have a TBI without loss of consciousness.
  2. Kevlar prevents the worst of head injuries.
  3. No Blood? No TBI.
  4. If the person looks fine, they are fine.
  5. Mild TBIs aren’t debilitating.
  6. If a TBI doesn’t show on a brain scan then it doesn’t exist.
  7. It’s easy to recover from a TBI.
  8. People with TBI can’t work.

Thanks to Task and Purpose for the information.


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