Accident Memory Loss is Common


Memory loss after a serious accident is not uncommon. A recent article about James Hinchcliffe's serious car accident highlights the fact nicely.

I have had many clients who were severely injured in car accidents who have little to no recollection of the accident, being rescued, or what led up to the accident. Hinchcliffe was quoted saying,

“I’m not sure if it’s some sort of defence mechanism or biology taking over – despite being conscious throughout the whole process, I have mercifully been spared any memory of the accident whatsoever,” said the native of Oakville, Ont. “Even the first couple days at the hospital are a bit of a blur. I remember waking up in ICU, knowing that obviously I’d had an accident, that I was somewhere I probably shouldn’t be.”

Memory loss, or amnesia, can be caused by trauma to the brain. This is called traumatic amnesia and may be accompanied by loss of consciousness or coma. It is usually temporary but how long it lasts usually depends on the severity of the accident.



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