Calls for Changes to ATV legislation in Ontario


The family of Tyler Masses, a 9 year old boy who died in an ATV accident this summer is calling for an overhaul of the province’s ATV laws. He was an 'experienced' young rider of a mini dirt bike. He was away from his parents one weekend and died when the full sized ATV he was riding flipped and killed him.

His parents are now lobbying for changes that would see riders under the age of 14 prohibited from driving any full sized ATV. Currently children under 12 may ride them with adult supervision. They are lobbying Ontario Ministry of Transport to enact such legislation and have begun a petition to heighten awareness of the problem.

This is the second tragic death of a young child on an ATV this month in Ontario. ATVs are powerful machines, and their weight works against the survival of a child inan accident.


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