Sleeping it off in the car is a bad idea


Anytime you are in your car with your car keys you may be considered to be in ‘care and control’ of your vehicle. As such, if you are drunk and in your car with your keys you can be charged with impaired driving even if your car isn’t running and you aren’t awake.

An Orangeville man discovered this the very hard way.

Police laid charges last week against a man who police found sleeping in his car parked on a front lawn of a house. Neighbours had called the police about a suspicious vehicle. When the police arrived they found the man sleeping in the driver’s seat with the car running. The 41 year old man now faces a litany of charges including having care and control of a motor vehicle while being impaired by alcohol, refusing to provide a breath sample, breach of an undertaking, breach of probation and four counts of driving while disqualified. He was also charged with driving while under suspension, having no insurance, and having plates not authorized for the vehicle.

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