Seeming Epidemic of Drunk Driving


The news this last week about the many deaths on Ontario roads caused by drunk driving is disturbing. One family lost all of their young children and their grandfather in a case that is nothing short of tragic.

The 29 year old driver who hit them has been charged with 18 offences including 4 counts of impaired driving causing death, 4 counts of having a BAC of greater than .08 causing death, four counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death, two counts of impaired causing bodily harm and having a BAC of greater than .08 causing bodily harm, and two counds of dangerous operation of a Motor Vehicle Causing Bodily Harm. The driver sustained only minor injuries but is still being held in custody.

The accident happened mid afternoon on a Sunday, a time that most people would consider safe from the risk of drunk drivers. Sadly, this isn’t the case and police are concerned with the increasing number of impaired drivers being caught mid day.

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