Bad weather is a bad excuse for getting into a car accident


As a Personal Injury lawyer I get very frustrated listening to the weather being blamed for accidents. The weather doesn't drive. We do. We buy insurance in part to protect us in the event of an accident but my honest preference would be that no one would ever be hurt, disfigured or disabled as a result of car accidents. Winter driving, and all driving really, requires a basic skill set. It appears that often when the snow flies we forget the basics of driving, and accidents result.

The snow is starting to fly and here are some basic tips to review.

  1. If it’s snowing or icy on the roads reduce all distractions.
  2. Slow down.
  3. Slow down some more.
  4. AWD and FWD don’t help you stop faster. They help you move forward though.
  5. If visibility is poor slow down and put on your flashers and turn on your interior lights to make your car more visible.
  6. Bridges and highway on/off ramps are always more slippery than the road.
  7. There is usually snow at the end of on and off ramps when the plows are running. Anticipate this and drive slowly and cautiously.
  8. Winter tires do make a difference. They are ‘stickier’ on ice and snow improving stopping distance.
  9. If the conditions are bad reconsider your trip.
  10. When police ask you stay off the roads then stay off them. If roads are closed don’t go around the barriers. They are closed for a reason.




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