Proud to Take Part in Helmet Donation


As a personal injury lawyer It is especially important to me to give my time and resources to causes in the community that support the clients I see daily. The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) and the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo Wellington (BIAWW) have worked with us at Paquette Travers & Deutschmann, and with Dietrich Law to help distribute more than 40 helmets here in Kitchener last week. The OTLA hopes to give out more than 4000 helmets throughout Ontario this year.

We were honoured to go to Rockway Public and work with Lidz on Kidz to propery fit the helmets on grade 2 and 3 children. The kids also got a 15 minute lesson on why wearing a helmet is so important and on why and why our brains need to be protected. It was especially nice to have two of my daughters, Ariel and Kelsey there volunteering with me to fit and distribute the helmets.

Since the OTLA established the Bike Helmets on Kids campaign in 2002 they have distributed over 19,000 helmets to children. The goal of the program is to ensure that every child who needs a helmet gets one put on their head for free. Program funding comes by donation from the OTLA lawyers and member firms. It is a wonderful way to reach out to the community, and with luck prevent many of the injuries that we see in bike accident cases.

Bike helmets work to reduce the force of impact when a cyclist falls, and helps to prevent head and brain injury.

  • 78% of cyclists hospitalized with a head injury weren’t wearing a helmet
  • All cyclists under 18 in Ontario are required to wear a helmet
  • Almost 2% of car crash deaths are cyclists, most of whom die of injuries to the head.
  • Many more cyclists are seriously injured every year
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