7 Things to do if you've been in a roadway hazard accident


It seems summer is just winding down. This summer seemed to have a lot of car crashes due to construction, inattention or roadway debris on just about every highway in Ontario. Roadway hazards can include things falling off other vehicles (unsecured loads), tires dislodging from cars and trucks, road debris from other accidents or construction materials, leaf covered roads, or improperly stopped cars.

Fortunately, your car insurance covers you for losses due to roadway hazards. If you have been injured a car accident due to a roadway hazard call Deutschmann Law today for your free consultation.

  1. Pull over in a safe place and assess the situation. If you have been injured called 911.
  2. If you or anyone else is injured call 911, or if the damage exceeds $2000 call 911.
  3. Get the driver licence information and insurance information of other vehicles involved in the accident. Try to get any witness information.
  4. Take photos with your phone of the incident if it is safe to do so.
  5. Talk to the police officer and review the police report to make sure it’s correct.
  6. Call your insurer and advise them of the damage.
  7. Call Deutschmann Law if you’ve been injured 1 (866) 414-4878.


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