Car Accident Collisions Increase 19% In The Month After Clocks Fall Back


We moved the clocks back on the weekend as Daylight Savings Time ended. While this means the sky is slightly brighter in the early morning, it also means that the traditionally busier and longer commute time from 5-8 pm is much darker. The combination of it getting dark earlier and the onset of winter weather means that the risk to motorists and pedestrians is now significantly increased during the commuting period.

MTO spokes person Bob Nichols confirmed this week that “When the clock ‘falls back’, it brings lower light conditions to the evening rush hour. The number of monthly personal-injury collisions that occur between 5 and 8 p.m. in Ontario increases”. The ministry also indicated that on the whole the total number of collisions daily falls as we enter Standard Time but the danger during the afternoon commute is significant.

Safety officials remind drivers to make sure their headlights are on and both working. Make sure your windshield wipers work and that all your windows are fully defrosted and cleared off before you start to drive. Pedestrians should wear bright and reflective coloured clothing when out walking in low light or at night. They also warn against wearing head and earphones when out walking for personal safety reasons. You may not hear people or vehicles warning you of danger.

Pedestrians should use sidewalks and crosswalks at intersections that are well lit when crossing the road. Always be on the lookout for cars that cannot see you. Never assume that just because you can see the car that the driver can see you.

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