Speed Enforcement Cameras coming to Waterloo Region


Speed enforcement cameras will now be permitted to be used in municipal settings. The Ontario Government is permitting their use in community safety zones and in school zones. It is an attempt to get people to slow down and to improve the safety of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

The new rules went into effect on Sunday and are part of the Highway Traffic Act. They apply to local roads only with speed limits that are under 80 km/h. The presence of cameras will have to be signed in order to warn drivers of their presence.

If your vehicle is caught speeding the picture will be reviewed by a provincial offence officer. The images will contain the location, date, time, speed and a clear shot of the car’s licence plate. The local school transportation companies hope that the presence of the cameras will promote safer driving in school zones. The ticket and a copy of the image will be mailed to the vehicle owner.

Initially the Region has indicated that they will purchase one camera and rotate it through the Region’s school boards.

Just as with the red light cameras, the Region predicts that there will be additional revenue generated for the Region of about 4000 tickets a year. Red light cameras now generate almost $1.7 million in fines annually.



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