Tesla Car Crashes Continue to Make the News


Tesla cars continue to suffer from glitches in technology when they are left to drive on autopilot mode. Earlier this month a Tesla Model 3 in Connecticut was on autopilot as the driver of the car was checking on his dog in the back-seat of the car. It was dark out, early on a Saturday morning when the car was driving itself on I-95. There was a police car parked with it’s emergency lights flashing behind another car that had broken down.

The Autopilot did not ‘see’ the stopped traffic and struck the police car, continued to travel forward and hit the car in the front of the police car as well. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash however the Tesla was severely damaged.

Teslas on Autopilot mode have killed at least 5 people worldwide since the technology went into general release.

Police recommend that if you are using Autopilot mode in a car that the driver remains fully attentive at the controls of the vehicle, and Tesla recommends that drivers keep their hands on the wheel as well when the car is in Autopilot mode.

 In this case the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate all accidents caused by Autopilot to determine where the faults lie in the software.

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