The Removal of 14 Cats From A Kitchener Residence


Hello Humane Society Friends,

Happy Friday! It is wonderful to see some nice weather finally and I hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy it, with physical distancing of course. We all know how hard it can be to keep your distance and adhere to the COVID guidelines when it is beautiful outside, but it is so important to be diligent. We are excited to see some of the restrictions slowly lift and know that if we keep distancing and doing our part, more and more restrictions can lift and we will eventually get back to some normalcy.

As we wait for more updates on restrictions to be lifted, we continue to provide our essential services to our communities. Last week, we assisted the Waterloo Regional Police Service, with the removal of 14 cats from a residence in Kitchener. The owner of the home unfortunately passed away, so we were called and sprang into action. Our team was quickly able to collect the cats, and transfer them to the Humane Society. We want to thank our friends and partners at the Waterloo Regional Police Service for their continued help and support in keeping animals in our community safe. We are truly grateful for this partnership.

Thankfully, all of the cats were relatively healthy and not under distress. They have undergone medical checks and standard treatment to update vaccines. Several of them require dentals, but a few are already up for adoption. This is a situation that has a happy ending and was solved easily, but that isn’t always the case. Far too often we see animals that are not cared for and living in stressful situations. While COVID-19 has temporarily closed stores and businesses and changed our day to day routines, we continue to see cases where animals are mistreated, not receiving basic necessities and medical care and being surrendered to us by their owners. These cases haven’t slowed because of COVID.

There is a constant need to provide animals in our community help. We refer to this time as "Kitten Season" at our centres. We are already seeing a rise in kitten litters as the weather gets nicer and expect to see a further increase in the number of litters that are surrendered to us, dropped off as strays or found by our officers. This increase puts stress on our supplies and leaves us needing more milk replacer, warming pads and bottles for hand feeding. Our community has been an incredible help so far, but we still have lots of work to do.

Last week, Premier Doug Ford announced that a specific group of businesses and organization are able to open again. We are happy to be included in that list, but the Premier also stated that businesses should open only if they are ready. While we can’t wait to open up to the public again, we want to make sure that we do it right. The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and the public are a priority. We are working very hard on plans to reopen and we will make sure that we open safely and will follow directives from our local and provincial governments. Our donors have been supportive during this crisis and we know that without your help, we wouldn’t be able to continue our work.


If you are able to help us care for these animals, there are many ways you can make a difference. Our wishlist is constantly updated with items that we need in our centres. You can donate to our programs including our pet food banks or wherever the greatest need is. Or, if you are feeling fun, you can purchase a t-shirt from Astrodog Media. These t-shirt sales will go to support the Emergency Pet Food Banks, which are open and available to any pet owner who needs support during the COVID-19 crisis. I’ve seen the shirts and can’t wait to get mine.

I am very grateful, as I’m sure you are, that things seem to be getting better. We will soon be able to do more and more and get closer to returning back to "normal". But we all need to stay diligent and stay the course until we can all see each other again in person at some of our favourite events.


Brittany Hennessey
Animal Control Officers


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