Pedestrians And Motorcyclists Are Most Likely To Die Or Be Catastrophically Injured In An Accident


The Government of Ontario released the preliminary selected road safety statistics for 2019 and the results are on par for what we know about road safety in the province.  It appears that two categories of individuals did not fare well in motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrians and motorcyclists both have very high death and injury rates.

In 2019 there were 33,137 total fatal and personal injury collisions in the province and 509 fatal collisions.  Of these:

  • 509 deaths, 342 were the driver of the vehicle
  • Motorcycle fatalities accounted for 51 of the deaths or just over 10%
  • Pedestrian deaths accounted for the single largest category of deaths in motor vehicle crashes accounting for 209 of the 509 deaths
  • An incredible 20% of people who died in motor vehicle accidents had nothing to do with driving any vehicle
  • 40% of car accidents involved speed, distracted driving and impaired driving
  • 1502 individuals were severely injured in crashes on the road
  • 25% were pedestrians of the severely injured
  • 12 % of the individuals severely injured were motorcyclists
  • August is the month with the highest rates fatal and personal injury accidents
  • 5 individuals died in accidents involving school buses or school vehicles and 155 were injured
  • 16 cyclists were killed and almost 1500 were injured as a result of crashes involving motor vehicles

It’s clear that the roads and highways of the province are dangerous places for the vulnerable road users – cyclists and pedestrians, motorcycle riders also have poor chances of making it through any collision without injury or death.

When you are driving please make sure to be paying attention to the road. Leave eating, fiddling with the radio or electronics to later, don’t speed, don’t drive alcohol or drug impaired, and be certain to be watching for pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes when turning, at intersections, at laneways and when doing lane changes.

You can read the entire preliminary report here. I’ve also attached some excerpts for your information. Take care on the road ways.

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